Wythnos/week 11: 13-19 Hydref/October 1914

Rhydd Miss Evans hanes ei thaith yn ôl o’r Almaen wedi dechrau’r rhyfel.  Suddwyd stemar Brydeinig ‘Elsinor’ ym Môr Cortez, a goroesodd 22 o forwyr ar Ynys Galapagos am bymtheg diwrnod cyn cael eu hachub.

An account by Miss Evans of her return from Germany after the outbreak of the war.  The British steamer ‘Elsinor’ was sunk in the Gulf of California, 22 seamen survived on the Galapagos Islands for 15 days before being rescued.

1914 WW1 week 11 Cardigan Men Captured 1914 WW1 week 11 Back from Germany

Colledigion / Casualties

18 Hydref / October 1914

Norman Nicholas of Pembroke, aged 21, buried in Cardigan. Private, Welsh Regiment.



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