Wythnos 51/week 51: 18-24 Gorffennaf/July 1915

[English below]

Ceir adroddiad ar Sir Aberteifi a’r Rhyfel sy’n cyfleu pictiwr o leoliadau meibion bonedd y Sir.

Mae streic glowyr De Cymru yn parhau a gweler milwr a phlentyn bach sy’n dal ei gleddyf i fyny yn hysbyseb sebon ‘Puritan’.

Cardiganshire and the War gives an overall picture of the whereabouts of many of the sons of the county’s gentry and there is a short report of the South Wales miners continuing their strike.

Puritan soap proudly extol the virtues of their product with a picture of a soldier holding a little child who triumphantly holds aloft a sword.

[Rhowch glic ar luniau i’u gwneud yn fwy / Click images to enlarge]


24 Gorffennaf/July 1915

Thomas Edwards of Parcllyn, Aberporth, aged 30. Private, Royal Welch Fusiliers


2 thoughts on “Wythnos 51/week 51: 18-24 Gorffennaf/July 1915

  1. Interesting collection, unfortunately a bit too faint to read the newspaper cutting .Will look forward to visiting your open day!


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