Reporting the Great War

Ceredigion Archives, a service of Ceredigion County Council, presents Reporting the Great War Project

Since August 1914, the anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, we have been selecting and displaying news of the progress of the war, and lists of Cardiganshire casualties on a week-by-week basis, to give today’s readers an impression of the way the war, and local perceptions of it, developed over time. These news items from 100 years ago are changed every week and displayed on noticeboards in Ceredigion venues.

We use a variety of sources to assemble the bulletins: local newspapers (Cardigan and Tivyside Advertiser and Cambrian News); items from our collections (individually identified); and, for the lists of casualties and information about them, we are greatly indebted to Steve John of the West Wales War Memorial Project.

With all the hard work of our staff and volunteers put into it, we think the project deserves a wider audience so we invite you to read about Ceredigion’s Great War on this specially created page. Please tell us what you think.


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